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I started running in the winter of 2014 at Planet Fitness and it accidentally turned into a running career. I would report my progress to my Grandmother (Nana) every night and we would marvel at what was happening!

I’m an ok middle of the pack runner with no visions of grandeur, I just want to be healthy and have fun! (Mostly have fun!) When I joined Fleet Feet and began a coached program, that was a life changer. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. I got talked into a triathlon and that really added to the adventures.

I want to do all of this as long as possible!


1st 5k April 2015

1st Half Marathon Sep 2015

1st Full Marathon May 2016

1st Sprint Triathlon July 2017

1st Olympic Triathlon July 2018

1st 70.3 Triathlon Sep 2018

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