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Blast to the Past

An athlete? Me? Bahahaha! Although... my Aunt always said that nobody could chase cows through the pasture as fast as I could. With gopher holes and cow pies to dodge, it's a wonder I'm not a trail runner. Even now at a race when I'm called an athlete, I always feel like I'm pulling the wool over someones's eyes.

When I was an Army brat, we lived on a base in Quebec where school sports comprised of three things: a one day Track and Field event before the end of the school year, Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Volleyball was never my game as every serve of mine went directly into the ceiling. So, I gave basketball a try. One game in particular sticks in my memory, and it's Dan's favorite of my sports stories. We played the kids at the other English school and they had a ringer named Carol Ann. She was a head taller than all of us and quite the athlete. We all played our best and I got called for traveling. I mean, how could I be expected to keep the ball away from Carol Ann and dribble it too? We lost 12-6. Carol Ann was ecstatic and declared the game a slaughter. A SLAUGHTER!!! With slumped shoulders and heads hung low we accepted that yes, indeed, we were the victims of a slaughter. Imagine my surprise when years later I discovered that basketball scores easily reach 100! Hey, what did we know? We were Canadian kids, our game was hockey.

Aside from school sports, I was a figure skater for a few years. I was really only in it for the costumes and the big show at the end of the year with even better costumes. My nemesis move was called the Teapot. A squat on one foot, with the other leg and both arms extended out in front. On a 1/4" blade the result was always discouragement and a wet hiney. Whatever! I looked so damn cute in my homemade outfit that I didn't care. Thanks Mom!

Fast forward to my military career and the annual PT test. The requirement was a mile and half run in 15 minutes, sit ups and push ups. Easy enough right? I'd show up, stub out my ciggy and go for it. I always passed, and always swore I'd quit smoking. Didn't happen - until 1997.

There you have it folks, my athletic career until I became a runner in 2015. Dammit, I wish I could still run a mile and a half in 15 minutes. I have long lost track of Carol Ann, but I do know she joined the military after I did. I sure hope she SLAUGHTERED that run!

Run and done



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