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When I started this streak 100 days ago to help cure the Covid blues, I had no idea I would actually last this long. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is by no means some great test of athleticism or will; it is simply 1 mile a day running outside. I can walk all the rest of the miles, which I generally do, but one of them has to be running. Not fast, not furious, just not walking or sauntering. Slogging is totally okay though!

I’ve asked myself many times why I continue to do this and the answers vary. For one thing, I served myself and drank the stooopid OneNY 500k Kool-Aid and will continue until at least the last stoooopid mile of that is done. To date, I have 63 miles to go and 37 days to do it so I’ll definitely continue the streak for that long. Another reason is just out of pure stubbornness. I always feel like I have at least one mile in me.

I expected to feel some great enlightenment by day 100 but in actuality, that has been somewhat lacking. I have learned and experienced a few things. Here are the highlights:

1. Do not tell your PT what day you’re on when you are trying to wrangle 2 appointments a week instead of just 1. They hate that, especially when you’re over 60 days and he’s a non runner!

2. Ignore the eye rolls from said PT and do ALL the prescribed exercises.

3. When you run the same route everyday, you meet the neighbors. I met a Mom and small daughter that dress up their dogs. The little girl was pretty fancy too and they all had weird names that I can’t remember, but now they wave at the crazy sweaty lady running down their street.

4. Since I made my virtual Mountain Goat course in May, I have done it a few more times to feel badass and to check the water situation at Thornden pool. I’m happy to report it is a beautiful blue mermaid haven so that hilly hellishness can cease!

5. Because of this OneNY BS, I have been walking longer miles in the evening so I call people I haven’t talked to in a while and we enjoy a nice wheezy conversation. Well, I enjoy it, they may find the wheezing hard to hear. This has been the best thing that has come out of my streak, so don’t be surprised if you get a late day call from me.

6. Streaks are hard and boring at times.

7. Streaks make you cuss more than normal.

8. You observe your fellow humans. Yo buddy, you’re walking on the wrong side of the road. Hey mister, did you need to almost run over me just for fun? Ummm, we’re in a pandemic, keep your snot rockets to your dang self! Did I mention the streak mood swings?

9. I have started wearing hats to run. I have never worn them because my ears seem to be in the wrong place for a good fit and a cute look. In 90 degree temps, I succumbed to keep my Covid hair out of my face. The hat hides all kinds of hair sins. I even wear it to the grocery store now. Paired with a mask and sunnies, I can look like Godzilla under it all and no one even knows! That’s a definite win.

10. Back in my younger days, streaking was something very different and it makes me think of that hilarious Ray Stevens song. My favorite line is “Don’t look Ethel! Too late she already got a free shot!” And in the end Ethel became a streaker too! It’s catching!

Well folks, while I don’t recommend the streak, I don’t discourage it either. Do whatever makes you happy and keeps you active and if you’re out on your run or walk, give me a call, we can get through it together.

Run and done



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