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Start in the Present

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Covid streak day 51!! A self-imposed running streak of at least one mile outside. I started the streak to force me out the door when I was going stir crazy in quarantine. I’m running until I’m vaccinated or ventilated!! Come on scientists! Some days my hips pray I’ll give in and go for ventilated but I heard that’s not so fun, so I plod along. I don’t run with music or podcasts, just my thoughts: Why is this going so slow? Why does my breathing sound like a truck is following me and why is my neighbor Dave standing on his front porch buck ass naked Jeezuz! Hello! This was definitely a ventilator day!

I think a lot about my running career on these runs. All this solo running forces actual thought. I’ve packed a lot of running and triathlon into 5 years. It feels like forever and also a blink. It has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Running helped me re-invent myself. Now, I love and have excellent poop stories and I have mountains of tutus, props and costumes for festive theme runs! I celebrate, cuss and love to drink after runs but still work hard at attaining my goals. The goals for 2020 are all gone but still I train with an eye to 2021 and being reunited with teammates. That will be one helluva tutu party!

So, for now I blog the slog. I want to write to document and remember. I always felt something special was happening all those running years and the year of Covid has really driven that home! This is my journey, these are my words and feelings. Before I go to the past and start at the beginning I still have to run streak day 52! Until then….

Run and done



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