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TUTUMANIA: Random Tutu Musings

Tutu be, or not tutu be, that is the question.

Oh hell no, that is not the question. The question is why aren’t we all wearing tutus all the time?

If you’re the happiest person in a race on a 90 degree day, you just may be wearing a tutu!

As I proudly run in my orange tutu that matches my Fleet Feet racing shirt someone yells,

“looking good!” I smile, wave and yell thank you just as a woman pushing a double stroller with two, 30 lb. kids passes me. Oh crap! Was that “looking good” for her or me? Too late, that

“thank you” is already out in the world so I carry on with the confidence afforded me by my

layers of tulle.

You might be a tutu-holic if someone texts and asks if you have any pink tutus and you say, “Yes, how many do you need?”

I have supplied numerous tutus in numerous colors for numerous events. My favorite was when I was a newbie in the Fleet Feet triathlon program and for the first open water swim I brought tutus for the mermaids. I was nervous that everyone would think it was stupid but they were very accepting and loved it! Tutu, the great ice-breaker.

You might have special tutu powers when you can convince a man to wear a tutu.

Most men are anti tutu, but not all. I have seen about 20 of my guy running friends feel the magic of the tutu. I won’t embarrass them with photos but they know who they are! Oops, I lied! Just look how happy this mystery man is!!

I’m not sure why I even thought to wear a tutu that first time but I’m convinced it’s a form of pure joy. I’ve converted many people to the tutu life and they love it too. It just makes running more fun for both the wearer and the observer. You have to be happy when you see one, especially when you’re going to be a badass and overtake it with your dang 100 lb. stroller. Yes, you’re a rockstar, but your kids were smiling and waving at me!

P.S. Whoever has the most at the end wins. Pretty sure I’m in the running!

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